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An all-suites hotel specializing in providing a comfortable and affordable extended stay hotel experience, HomeSuites Regina is managed by d3h Hotels Inc. This executive hotel management company owns and operates 13 hotels across Western Canada and operates under four major franchise brands: Home Inn Express, Days Inn, Motel 6 and HomeSuites by d3h. The management company is Realstar Hospitality's largest franchisee, owning and operating the following properties:

HomeSuites is d3h's first solely owned franchise located in Regina and is the first property of its kind in Canada, consisting of an all-suite hotel offering a free hot breakfast and eco-friendly amenities.

d3h will continue to build, own and operate in the future. It is currently pursuing construction opportunities and always looking for new management contracts and new investors. To inquire about becoming a new investor, please email cgenest@d3h.ca.

d3h’s vision is to “work together as a team to provide customers with stay experience that makes them feel they were at home.”

To learn more about d3h Hotels Inc. or our family of hotels, please visit www.d3h.ca.


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