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The weather might be getting chillier, but fear not, because there’s plenty happening in Regina to keep locals and visitors alike in high spirits. Just take a look at what we’ve got coming up from mid-October onwards. There’ll be music from a group that made the biggest of splashes in the reggae world, a fun night of entertainment on the rink, and a chance to enjoy a relaxing night watching dueling pianists. Sound good? Of course it does. Check out all the info below for more details. 

piano playerSource: Brian Geraldo

Reggae legends

The world would be a much poorer place if it weren’t for the Wailers, a band that has brought reggae to the world since the days of Bob Marley. Bob might be gone, but the band live on -- and you can catch them at Casino Regina on October 18. 

Rocking at the rink

The best figure skating, music, a night of entertainment? Sign us up. On October 18, Rock the Rink will take place at the Brandt Centre. During the show you’ll see some of the best ice skaters doing their thing on the ice, all the while accompanied by music and video montages. It promises to take you on a journey that is sometimes nostalgic, so expect an all-around unforgettable experience. 

Piano versus piano

Piano versus piano, what fun! Every thursday, you can catch two excellent pianists going head to head at the Casino Regina. Grab a drink, and enjoy an evening of good-natured rivalry. 

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