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One of Canada’s most beloved Theatre Festivals returns for another year of astounding live theatre!

Fringe is an international organization that helps cities around the globe put on grassroots theatre festivals. It’s run under the mandate that ANYONE should be able to produce a show, whether they’re professional dramatic artists or not! This dedication to accessibility means that every year Fringe is weird, wild and absolutely captivating.

Does that mean that there are some clunkers? Yes! But that’s part of the magic of Fringe. They say that if you see a really great show, you’ll talk about it for the rest of the week… but if you see a really awful show, you’ll talk about it for the rest of your life! Take a chance on some live theatre and experience something new!
Here are just a few shows that are getting good buzz already:

The Carrot: Sex, Sh**, Death: We told you Fringe gets weird! But weird can be good! That’s absolutely the case with this show. Written by Jesse Grindler and featuring the talents of Cleo Da Fonseca, Ewan Macintyre, Maggie Winston, and Keelan Young this “puppet show” for weird adults focuses on a society that worships carrots. Early reviews at the Montreal Fringe have been very good for this one!
Multiple Organism: Vancouver’s Mind of a Snail Productions puts on shadow puppet plays that incorporate all sorts of multimedia elements, and they’ve always been really impressive. Their latest show, Multiple Organism is an adult shadow puppet play that’s mind-expanding and playful. It’s won nearly every award on the Fringe circuit, so look out for this one!

I know it might seem like every Fringe show is a puppet show, but if you love drama, comedy, dance, music, magic and more you’re going to find something you like at the Regina Fringe!

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